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Support services and information for families

Information to help parents/carers overcome challenges posed by school closures.

Helpline posters

It is especially important that all young children and teens know how to ask for help if they experience abuse or in an emergency.

To help families get the information they need, the NEU has created a series of posters for schools/colleges to customise and email out to parents, carers, staff and students. There are three designs, one aimed at younger children, one aimed at young people and one aimed at parents and carers.

You can access these posters here. If your school/college has not sent them to you, you may wish to share them with the head/safeguarding lead and suggest they are sent to families. Your school/college can edit the text box to include the relevant emergency/safeguarding contact number.

You may wish to print the version for younger children and put it on the fridge or somewhere that’s easy for your child to see. Children are most likely to tell a friend first about abuse or worries they have. Without daily access to teachers and support staff at school, your children may tell you about friends they are worried about. It is important to listen and, where you have concerns about a child’s safety, get in touch immediately with the safeguarding lead or head at your child’s school/college.

Financial issues

During the lockdown, many families are facing a reduced budget as a result of unemployment, furloughing or the increased costs associated with having children at home all day.

Although our changed circumstances can feel overwhelming or worrying, there are many organisations to help and support parents and carers facing new challenges. If your financial situation has changed, you may be entitled to additional support or benefits. Below are some links to help you:

NHS guidance

Doctors Of The World provides the latest NHS guidance on coronavirus in 60 different languages, to read online or download.

Free period products

Periods don’t stop for pandemics! The Department for Education’s scheme to supply schools with free menstrual products for pupils is continuing throughout the lockdown – schools can place orders in the usual way and take steps to distribute essential period products to students who need them. Find out more on the Free Periods website.

Join a union

If you’re not already in a workplace union, join up today. Find your union via the TUC website.

More than six million workers in the UK are in a union – from nurses to pilots, actors to lorry drivers. Joining a union is affordable and easy, and the benefits are huge. Unions help workers come together, demand a better deal from their employers, and raise standards for all of us.


Advice for parents and carers on key areas of concern relating to coronavirus


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