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Communication with school

What to expect from and of your child’s school during this period.

The NEU recognises that parents and carers are working extremely hard under difficult circumstances on their own work, caring responsibilities and supporting their children’s learning at home.

While daily communication with your child’s school and teachers won’t be possible, here are some key things you can expect during this period:

A key contact for regular communication

Like during the last lockdown, schools will have put in place a system for communicating with families and for setting work for their pupils. Your school should let you know who will be in touch for learning and for pastoral purposes. If you don’t have a key contact, we advise you to get in touch with the school to find out who this is. 

As well as via phone calls, many schools are communicating with families through letters, emails and texts, to help ensure that all parents/carers receive important information.

For pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), schools should make arrangements with you for keeping in touch for support. In most cases this will be through the SENCO or head teacher.

Information on remote learning and platforms being used

Your school may have published information about what remote learning will look like during this term on their website.  Further information about how you can support your child’s learning can be found here.

Your school should have communicated with you about what agreed platforms are in place to share information and resources for remote learning. Since pupils will understand and be familiar with systems used by their school, parents should use the agreed platforms. We advise that any contact between pupils and teachers should be through a platform provided by the school to keep children and young people safe. No personalised accounts open to public viewing, comments or sharing should be allowed. No personal email addresses, phone numbers or social media details should be used or exchanged between pupils and staff.

Communication around health and safety during the pandemic

The NEU has outlined what needs to be in place to keep school staff, pupils and families safe during the pandemic. You can read more here.

It is critical that schools communicate with parents and carers about what rules are in place to keep everyone safe. Schools will be in touch with you if your child is in school and a close contact tests positive for Covid-19 (i.e. someone in your child’s school bubble). It is also critical that you communicate with the school as soon as possible if your child tests positive for Covid-19.

Parents’ evenings

In some schools, it may be possible for parents’ evenings to be held virtually. Please bear in mind that school staff are working hard to support your child and to provide remote education, as well as education for children in school. This may mean parental engagement is limited for a period.

Other events that may be taking place in your school could include other forms of consultation as appropriate and necessary for the school (such as consulting with parents/carers on the new statutory Relationships and Sex Education curriculum.)


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