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Communication with school

What to expect from and of your child’s school during this period.

  1. The NEU recognises that parents and carers are working very hard under difficult circumstances on their own work, caring responsibilities and to support their children’s learning at home.
  2. Daily communication with your child’s school and teachers is neither necessary nor sustainable. We’d advise you to check with your school how they would like you to get in touch with them if you need to. Most schools will have put in place a system for communicating with parents/carers and for setting work for pupils.
  3. During this time, some teachers will be in school some of the time taking care of children of key workers, while others will be working from home some or all of the time. All will be juggling their own work and other commitments. Parents/carers should not expect ‘parents’ evenings’ or parent-teacher consultations during this period of school closure.
  4. Parents and carers must use the agreed platforms schools have put in place to share information and resources for distance learning, since pupils will understand and be familiar with systems used by their school.
  5. The NEU advises parents and carers that any contact between pupils and teachers should only be through a platform provided by the school. No personalised accounts open to public viewing, comments or sharing should be allowed. No personal email addresses, phone numbers or social media details should be used or exchanged between pupils and staff.
  6. Teachers cannot be expected to routinely mark pupils’ work, due to the competing demands on them at this time. All primary tests, including SATs, and all exams have been cancelled. Schools should not be setting SATs practice papers, or other formal tests at this time.
  7. For pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), schools will make arrangements with you for keeping in touch for support. In most cases this will be through the SENCO or head teacher.
  8. No lesson activities should take place during Easter or other holiday periods. This is a time when schools would normally be closed, with children on holiday. Parents and carers should instead embark on fun activities that can be done at home.
  9. Schools should suggest learning activities that children can complete on their own. We recognise that many parents and carers are also trying to work from home and might struggle to assist with schoolwork for various reasons. Parents and carers cannot be expected to become teachers. 
  10. Parents and carers  should try to support schools to maintain a learning routine with their children. The NEU advises parents and carers to encourage their children to complete, where possible, work provided by the school.


Advice for parents and carers on key areas of concern relating to coronavirus


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