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Resources to inspire children and young people to create

Art teacher Sarah demonstrates easy ways for children to get creative during lockdown using ordinary household resources.

Artist and secondary teacher Julie Howard has created these downloadable activities to inspire children of all ages to create art using household objects. There are six themed worksheets, each with an extension, with no expensive materials required.

Alphabet art worksheet

Alphabet art extension

Cardboard relief worksheet

Cardboard relief extension

Continuous lines worksheet

Continuous lines extension

Fingerprint worksheet

Fingerprint extension

Soap carving worksheet

Soap carving extension

Zentangle worksheet

Zentangle extension

Find more resources on Julie’s website, ArtsCool UK.

For families wanting to brush up on their creative skills, artist and teacher Rachel Veldtman has been uploading videos to her YouTube channel, TartanZebra Creativity.

Her videos include a tutorial on printing with Sellotape, using regular household items:

And a beginner’s guide to drawing using perspective, a key skill for any budding artist:


Fun creative activities for families learning outside of school.


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